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Summary: My Thoughts on the iPad Mini Most people who know me, know that I am a huge fan of Apple products. When the original (1st generation) iPad came out, I purchased it hoping to use it to consume more ebooks. At the time, I had just read my first two ebooks on my iPhone via the Kindle app and found it to be a more enjoyable way to read than to carry physical books around with me. I figured I would enjoy reading even more if the screen for my ebook were larger than the iPhone screen. When I did receive the original iPad, I really enjoyed the device. However, my least favorite thing to do on the iPad was to read books. I was determined that I would still make use of the iPad, but I wanted to try out a Kindle ebook reader to see if I would like it better for reading. I recorded the following video to explain my reasons for buying a Kindle even though I already had an iPad. If you took the time to watch the embedded video above, you heard me say that I really didn't enjoy reading very much. However, I am very happy to share with you that the Kindle ebook reader was a LIFE CHANGING DEVICE FOR ME! I fell in love with reading ebooks on the Kindle. So much so, that I have purchased and have read nearly one hundred books since September 2010. When the Kindle Touch came out last year, I upgraded to that ereader device and was so happy to have the official Kindle Lighted Case. While I was not happy with the deeply recessed screen in the Kindle Touch, I still loved reading on the device. When they announced the Kindle Paperwhite, I knew, immediately, that I wanted one. In this episode, I explain why I chose not to "pre-order" one. Due to Amazon's inability to keep the Kindle Paperwhite in stock, I began to be tempted with the idea of getting an iPad Mini as my latest edition of my ebook reader. In my video, embedded above, I shared that I had three reasons why I preferred the Kindle over the iPad for ebook reading. 1) The iPad was too heavy hold in the position that I would typically like to hold a book when reading. 2) It simply was not possible to read outside in the daylight. 3) There were too many potential distractions to keep me from actually reading a book. In this episode, I share many things I love about the iPad Mini. I am happy to share that the iPad mini is my new, preferred, ebook reading device. Here are the reasons why things have changed since recording that video. 1) The iPad mini is only 3oz heavier than the Kindle Paperwhite. I've already spent a few hours reading with the iPad Mini and holding it is not much different than holding my Kindle Touch. 2) While I've not tried to read a book in direct sunlight, on my new iPad Mini, there have only been a few occasions where I have actually read a book outside. The best part is that I can still use my Kindle Touch if I'm heading out to the beach or sitting by the pool to read a good book. 3) Distractions are not as much of an issue for me these days. First of all, as I have already shared, I am now IN LOVE WITH READING. Also, the current version of iOS allows you to fine tune your notifications, per application, to reduce the amount of distractions on the device. In fact, I've turned almost every single notification off inside my iPad Mini. Check out this video that I published back in May about my desire to live a Distraction Free Lifestyle.   Personal Plug of The Week This week's personal plug of the week is for Marshall Ponzi's Helpful Marketing Podcast. I encourage you to listen to episode 002 of his show and if you like it, be sure to let him know that you heard about him from Podcast Answer Man. Note: Marshall was a member of my Fall 2012 Podcasting A to Z course.   Sending Audio To The Live Audience Stephanie called to ask how I route my audio clips through my mixer so that those who are listening on the live stream can hear them as well. In response,