Episode 78 — Miles Klee

Other People with Brad Listi show

Summary: Miles Klee is the guest. He's the author of a debut novel called IVYLAND, now available from O/R Books. Publishers Weekly raves: "Delightfully manic and sharply intelligent … Klee is undoubtedly a formidable talent in the making—he can make sentences crackle with an intensity and humor not seen since David Foster Wallace." And this from The Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Klee depicts the chaos with verve—he reads like J.G. Ballard zapped with a thousand volts of electricity." Topics of conversation include: the New Jersey turnpike, getting lost, Being John Malkovich, New York City, high school, diversity, affluence, 9/11, protests, televisual phenomena, denial, braces, huge glasses, nerdiness, adolescence, being tortured, cynicism, theater, growth spurts, assholes, Stanislavski, method acting, Marlon Brando, Williams College, adderall, pharmaceutical industry, self-medication, contortions of logic, LSD, war, neurotoxins, Aldous Huxley, mescalin, sleep, MDMA, porn, geopolitics, critical function, mixed reviews, publication, persistence, and ultimate triumph. Monologue topics: marathon running, writing, the grind, creative suffering. This episode of Other People is brought to you by M.P. Publishing. Be sure to check out two new novels, available in the coming months. First, there's THE NOSTALGIST, by Griffin Hansbury, due out on September 11th. And then there's AMERICAN DECAMERON, by Mark Dunn, due out on October 16th. For more information, please be sure to visit www.mppublishingusa.com.