Brown Chicken Brown Cow – Ep 10

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: Sex Yes that is the topic of this episode. It is fun exciting, naughty, and sometimes a bit sticky. But there can be times when sex can keep you from achieving that level of marital bliss you desire. We cover some of these topics Holding on to old baggage and wrong ideas can hamper Sex People are people. No this isn't about an old Depeche mode song it is just the truth we have our own life paths. Some people have had sex before marriage and some have waited till they said I do. Even then Men find out that their most common miss conception about marriage is that sex is going to happen every single day. Come to find out it is closer to once a week after the honeymoon is over and life has started in. Sometimes people have old baggage that they experienced from previous relationships and they can hamper the sexual relationship of a marriage. This can cause problems if the issue is not address with understanding, and caring. Many times these problems are fixable, but it is going to take time for that wall that was built up to be torn down and healing to take place. though you my good spouse didn't inflict that damage nor would you want to. Yet, as the song goes Don't ask her on a straight tequila night, She starts thinking about him and is ready to fight. She blames her broken heart on every man in sight On a straight tequila night  - John Anderson ""Straight Tequila Night" There is sometimes baggage and there is sometimes misconceptions. Talk about them or resentment starts to grow and you will drift from marital bliss. Mixed libito Yours is through the roof and your spouse; do they even have a libito? The problem that has plagued the ages. Seems that one always wants it more than the other person.What should you do about it? How Often should you have sex? is a great article by the folks at Hot, Holy, And Humorous blog. They mention that once a week is a good frequency. While Jana Cried Balderdash find out why. Masturbation in marriage Choking the Chicken, Flogging the Dolphin, getting you rocks off, However you say it men do it and women do to. There can be a problem with it when you spouse doesn't understand why you have to do it, sometimes at all. Us men just have to. Whether women understand why or not we just do. We like some time alone with our penis'. It is not that we love you any less. It is not that you are doing something wrong. It is just that we like our willies.