The Trouble with Friends – ep 3

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: Dealing with kids' Friendships Friends, your kids are going to have friends. The issue is when those friends have an influence on your child, and that influance is that is unwanted. Whether it is that you child starts to miss cerfew by a couple of minutes, or they start experimenting with drugs. These are problems most parents do not want. Dealing with kids' friendships can be hard This is the topic that your brave hosts take on for this weeks episode. When should you tell your kids, that they can not be friends with little Billy down the street? Why and how to fix that issue. Where to rebuild that trust after it has been summarily smashed by a horrible choice your child made? Jana's Reality Suprisingly Jana is Joneing for her reality shows. She didn't get to catch many of her shows this week but hear what she did catch. Parental Tech Smart phones are all the rage they can be good and they can be used to  keep your kiddos safe. My App choice this week is The Eye This is a great app that has a parental lock on it and can pull up the phone's location anytime of the day or night so you can see if they are sneaking out and where are they sneaking out too. The Couples Movie Review This week we talk about Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows and we talk about why we both really liked it with no spoilers! Cost Savers Shopping for food is always a place where your money seems to hemorrhage in unbelievable  ways. Jana has some great tips as to how to patch those leaks. And PS Dont forget to Rate us on iTunes