Oh God, it’s the In-Laws! – Ep4

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: One of the More adventurous parts of getting married is the In-laws. They are not what you grew up with and you are not what they have raised. In this Episode of Marital Bliss we tackle the subject of the in-laws and use some examples from our lives. Many times the issue of diapered butt syndrome crops up. This is where someone who changed your diapered butt believes they know better than what you do. Many tiimes they are just trying to help in very intrusive ways but the vast majority of the time they mean well just lact the ability to smoothly exicute. You have to learn how to build boundaries for your new relatives that will be showing up when you are in the act of love and who idiosyncratic ways will make you feel like you have an extreme case of OCD. Yet if you set boundries and have an actuall open discussion with the people from another life you will be able to live in marital Bliss.       Jana's Reality Wow! she got caught up listen as she talks about Dance Moms, The Kardashians and their irrlevance, Why she didn't watch the Umpa Lumpas of Jersylicious this week, and she found a new game show The Great Escape. Parental Tech This week we talk about using Google Voice to see what your kids are texting and who are they calling. Couples Movie The Grey This movie is action packed and has a twist that will piss Jana off. Couples Money We talk about budgeting. Why and how should you budget. At last we add a new Segment Romantic Quickie This is where Jana Gives a tip to the guys and Bryan Gives a tip to the wives And as Always Rate us in iTunes!