DailyRootz! 05/15/12 Sponsored By CruzerLite - May 15,2012

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Summary: Whitehawkx and Team Kang has released an unofficial AOKP build 35 for the Samsung Hercules (that's T-Mobile's SGSII). Now, this is an unofficial build because at present, this is essentially a cluster of hack jobs and it cannot be merged with official source. Give thanks to Whitehawkx for maintaining this build himself over in the Team Kang Development forum! http://goo.gl/Hl1Rd For you HTC Pyramid/Sensation 4G owners the CyanogenMod team is releasing nightlies of CM9 for you to enjoy! If you're feeling brave, head over to cyanogenmod.com and give it a flash! http://goo.gl/Sk8fk Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to a couple of HTC devices on T-Mobile! As T-Mobile stated earlier in the month, the HTC Sensation 4G & HTC Amaze 4G will be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich. http://goo.gl/OPGMw We've launched our latest contest in conjunction with CruzerLite! We need your help to design a killer RootzWiki themed case for our Galaxy Nexus'! We've provided all of our images, logos, fonts, etc for you to come up with a killer design. We're only going to be taking submissions for two weeks, so you'd better head over to RootzWiki.com and check the rules. Oh, did I mention that the winning design will pick up a $100 give card to Cruzerlite.com? Yeah, you want that. http://goo.gl/uJ5GC As always, show notes are in the description here, check those out and come back every weekday for DailyRootz! Thanks to CruzerLite for sponsoring today's podcast, check them out at www.cruzerlite.com for all of your Android case needs.