010 WealthFast Podcast – Funny Finance Terms, Explained

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Summary: Have you ever heard a strange financial word or phrase and wondered, "Hmm. What does that mean?" In this week's episode, we'll explain funny (and serious!) financial terms. We begin with a look at odd-ball financial phrases like "muppet bait" (no, it's not something you use to catch Kermit the Frog) and "death star IPO"   (you Star Wars fans will enjoy the reference). We also explain the underlying rationale for some of the cliches and phrases that people in the financial industry use, like "sell in May and go away." As always, we define these funny finance terms with our trademark slapstick humor. In case you've still got a hankering for learning financial letter-combinations, we also explain some key acronyms every investor should know: IPO, ETF, TARP (nope, it's not what you use to cover firewood) and DRIP. As always, we launch the episode with a "Think Rich" tip. The 2012 Presidential election is coming up, and -- without taking a stance  -- we'll tell you why it's so important to be informed about the candidates' economic policies. Got a question? Call us at the WealthFast hotline: 770-744-0527 (or press that big green "call" button the right side of the WealthFast homepage!)