Ep2 – Life of the Party

3 Finger Salute show

Summary: Take a sheet anytime and anywhere, NYC creepy IT guy takes covert pictures of women, Spar Zephyr speakers sold out, Siri not a big deal to Android's Majel, BlackBerry can't use the name BBX, Two RIM executives board a plane drunk and get fired, iPod 1st gen nano recall, Tech company in Hungary builds a bronze statue of Steve Jobs, Siri: The Holiday Horrow Movie (Trailer), Enormous iPod dock and 8" strap-on subwoofer party vest, How to complain about  online purchasing problems, How to script a trusted root certificate import, Howard Stern joining America's Got Talent, Police boss in Portugal gets suspended for saucy email, Stupidwork emails from HR Free App of the Week:  SpaceMonger