Episode XLVII: Podcast of Arabia

The Deucecast Movie Show show

Summary: Heeeey and Welcome to The Deucecast, Episode XLVII: Podcast of Arabia! Another fine week brings back another fine show from the sorta fine d$ and the very fine Mikey, plus the uber-fine Dr. Earl returns to the studio.  We jump right in discussing such pressing topics as... d$'s newfound FourSquare addiction... Mikey seeing The Avett Brothers... Asian cello players... The Hunger Games... Brother Theodore... Megadeth... hemherroids... and of course, Resveratrol. Mikey's music brings us some SXSW selections from The Big Suck Sleep, Torch and Racist Races... we continue further discussion on things like Smash... McPheever... BSG: Blood and Chrome (nerd alert!)... John Carter... The Green Lantern.. Stephen King's The Stand... an update on Carnie Wilson... and our first El DeBarge Watch!  Plus!  Resveratrol. The Big Three topic is widely discussed, as its those missed events in our lifetimes we wished we had seen, everything from the Olympics to concerts to opening nights of movies to "Do you believe in miracles!  YESS!!!!".  And Resveratrol. Wookiee calls in for a Sports minute or 12, with Tebowmania going to the NYJets, the bounty punishment on the Saints and who will win March Madness.  Of course, Resveratrol. Join us next week, with Mikey's Crawfish Boil Music Minute Part Uno... d$'s Buried Treasure returns... Hurricane Rhett chimes in for more rants... and we discuss Dream Jobs in The Big Three...  and maybe some resveratrol.  That's next week on The Deucecast Episode XLVIII: Podcastin' in the Rain! Mike's Music Minute: Don't Mess With Texas: Sxsw 2012 New Music Sampler The Big 3: The One Where We Discuss Events In Our Life That We Had The Opportunity To Attend But Chose Not To And Now Regret It: Dave's Choice - The ESPN Instant Classic of Northwestern vs. Michigan from 2000 Earl's Choice - U2: 360° at the Rose Bowl [Blu-ray] Mike's Choice - 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Roundtable Randomness: ReFlicktions: Stephen King's The Stand Green Lantern (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy) [Blu-ray] Carnie Wilson Watch - Wilson Phillips - Dedicated [+digital booklet] El Debarge Watch - Ultimate Collection: El DeBarge