017: The Danny Green Trio

Dirty Thursdays show

Summary: OK, 17 is legal in some states... For our Dirty 17th, we brought back some regulars: Danny Green on fender rhodes, Julien Cantelm on drums, and first-time-guest Justin Grinnell on electric bass. Danny is a pianist and a jazz composer with so much output he recently had to find a bigger apartment to store all his arrangements. He's recently struggled with an addiction to Brazilian jazz, and is a regular at Brazil camp in NorCal where he's rubbed elbows with Chico Pinheiro, Edu Ribeiro, Marcos Silva, and other real brazilians. We get an exclusive preview (all-electric trio versions) of a few tunes from his upcoming CD. click to see pics - dirty thurs on flickr PLAYLIST: -Jellyfish -Under Night's Cover -Unwind Entire episode:  download episode 17 Cut to the Chase (last two songs):  download ep 17 part 2 LINKS: Danny Green (official site) Pacific Coast Jazz (record label - buy Green!) Justin Grinnell - bass