026: Wade Hackett

Dirty Thursdays show

Summary: Growing up on the plains of West Texas, Wade Hackett rode a longhorn cow four-miles to school every day. Through the tumbleweeds and dust occasionally he would hear the distant sound of a cowboy's guitar floating through the sweltering Texas air. The sounds of the far-away strumming touched his soul and young Mr. Hackett spent the next year shoeing horses in the nearby town until he'd saved enough coppers to buy his first guitar. Then, on one hot autumn afternoon, he forked over his earnings at Papa Joe's Music & Pawn in Wylie, Texas and walked out with a weathered Gibson acoustic. And so he set out on the lonely prairie, guitar in hand and cow in tow. OK, maybe that's a bit of hyperbole. Wade may or may not own a cow, and he now resides in metropolitan Los Angeles. His music is a bit of Old-West-meets-West-Coast; country and city colliding. Think Neil Young, Tom Waits, and Willie Nelson in a three-car pileup. Happy Thursday!  click for more pics PLAYLIST:-Holler-Love Is All We're After-Untitled Entire episode: download ep 26 Cut to the Chase (skip to the last song): for non-flash users - download ep 26 part 2 LINKS: Wade Hackett (facebook)