028: San Diego Jazz Piano Vol. 1

Dirty Thursdays show

Summary: We're proud to premier the first podcast of an occasional series: San Diego Jazz Piano.  In each edition we'll bring together a few different local pianist for one-off solo performances.  This week we'll get things in gear with Danny Green, Joshua White, and Mikan Zlatkovich.  click for more pics Mr. Green was kind enough to host 'Volume 1' at his new townhouse, and we made good use of the Baldwin. We're getting used to recording in the very live room but everything came together with some incredible performances. PLAYLIST:-Lullaby for a Poet (Danny Green) -Nocturne in C minor (Danny Green) -Untitled (Joshua White) -Souly Soul Soul (Joshua White) -Chick's Song (Mikan Zlatkovich) -Jazz in the AM (Mikan Zlatkovich) Entire episode: download ep 28 Cut to the Chase (last four songs): for non-flash users - download ep 28 part 2 Cut to the Chase (last two songs): for non-flash users - download ep 28 part 3 LINKS: Danny Green (website) The Official Joshua White Music Page (facebook) Mikan Zlatkovich (website)