Mastery—The Boring Component of Success

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Summary: Acquiring mastery takes time and persistence. It takes an unwavering belief in yourself that you can accomplish it, and more importantly, it requires this type of focus over an extended period of time. There is a reason that few people reach the master levels in their fields; for most industries, it takes a long time. For most people, as soon as they see how long achieving mastery will take, they pack their bags and look for an easier route. For you, this is great news. The more difficult the road, the less travelers. The amount of opportunity at the end of the road corresponds with the difficulty and small numbers of people willing to put the work in. Mastery Brings About a Sense of Fearlessness. Once you have mastered something, whether it is a skill, sport, language or attitude, you elevate yourself above the common folk. You seem to almost play and work at a higher level. Once you are here, you are more aggressive with opportunities. The people who trail blaze and set new heights are the masters in their field. Mastery Gives You Power. The knowledge and expertise you have gives you immense power. You can influence people and groups. You can dictate trends and fads. You command respect and authority from knowing what you are doing. People will flock to you for advice and counsel, and many will pay for your advice and/or services. Mastery Unleashes Opportunity. Once you have attained mastery, options and opportunities mysteriously cluster towards you. People want to associate with the best and the informed. You realize good opportunities when you see them, and you have an enlightened sense of what is a good idea and what is not. Download your plan to achieve mastery today with YourGoalBook, the ultimate goal setting guide. You will discover exactly what you want from life, build a bullet-proof plan to achieve it, and most importantly, do it all starting today. Can you afford to spend another day not living up to your potential? Click here and try it risk-free today. Mastery—The Boring Component of Success is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy Mastery—The Boring Component of Success is a post from: Your Goal Setting | Powerful Goal Setting Made Easy