Lou Reads: My Tiny Dick forum of horrors!!!!

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Summary: As we learned from the podcast I did for the <a href="http://loureads.com/2009/07/16/lou-reads-the-large-penis-support-group/">Large Penis Support Group</a> I am well endowed. I have always heard of there being a race of men who have extremely tiny penii but never really took those stories at face value. Let me tell you something. This may scare you… It is absolutely true. Horrible and awful and true. Oh, my damned eyes! Why have I clicked the links? Was it curiosity or do I just hate myself that much. Visions of vienna sausages and baby mice fill my mind. Luckily for you I went there so you don’t have to. All you have to do is listen to the nonsense that people at MyTinyDick.Net talk about. I warn you, there will be acronyms you’ve never heard of. Like SPH and SPG. These stand for Small Penis Humiliation &amp; Small Penis Glorification. I think if you went to this site your natural inclination would be towards SPE (Small Penis Eradication.) That may sound harsh but I think we’d all be better off….<br> Won’t you please enjoy listening to the delights to your ears known as Lou Reads: MyTinyDick.net<br>