Shifting Fundamentals in the Oil and Gas Industry

Lazard Asset Management show

Summary: Following a period of dramatic volatility in oil prices, the current outlook is uncertain. In addition, the relationship between the price of oil and the price of natural gas in the United States has materially diverged—following an extended period when the two commodities moved more or less in tandem—due to a dramatic increase in U.S. gas production from shale gas plays. Please join Peter for a discussion on the shifting fundamentals of the oil and gas industry and how the recent trends may offer potential opportunities to investors. Featured Speaker: Peter Hunsberger Managing Director Research Analyst Peter Hunsberger is a Research Analyst covering the power sector. He began working in the investment field in 1989. Prior to joining Lazard in 1991, Peter served as Director of Research with John S. Herold, Inc. and was also previously with Hunt Oil Company. He has an MBA from Houston Baptist University and a BA from Middlebury College.