Mormon Truth #7-Those Evil Anti-Mormons #1

Mormon Truths!! show

Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #7-Those Evil Anti-Mormons #1 In this podcast, I review the most recent hate-mail that I've received, along with my opinions and rebuttals to what they are saying about me. Some of it is funny, some of it is pathetic and sad while some of it is just ridiculous. I also take a run through my reviews on iTunes and have a few good laughs along the way, as well as pointing out where these anti-anti-Mormons are going wrong in their attack of me and the truth of Mormonism, that I've now discovered. This podcast is a pretty revealing look into the head of an anti-anti-Mormon and the twisted logic that they use to justify their beliefs. I also discuss the positive reviews that I've received and thank those that have given them. Enjoy everyone!! Samuel the Utahnite Originally published January 30, 2006