March podcast:'s podcast show

Summary: Another month, another podcast. This month I started the show sort of recapping my experiences in Austin for SxSW and tried to transition away from it as the show wore on, but it turns out damned near every band on this podcast was either a band I saw in Austin or one I tried to see. I guess it's hard to get away from when you were just there. Somewhere hidden in this show there is a really cool giveaway, but it's gonna take some actual listening to learn what it is. Other than that, I really don't have too much to say about this month's show. It features some brand new music from The Black Keys, The Pack A.D., The Legendary Shackshakers and newest New West signee Ponderosa and the show closes with one of the best songs the .357 String Band has ever written. Next month is the podcast's 1 year anniversary. I might have some giveaways for that, we'll see. Otherwise, send me some song suggestions for the show. As always, below you’ll find the track listing for the show. Please tell your friends and Facebook/Twitter followers about it, I’ll greatly appreciate it. ~ Autopsy IV (twitter/facebook/myspace) Track Listing: Drive-By Truckers - Nine Bullets [00.00.00] Autopsy IV Commentary [00.03.55] Ha-Ha Tonka - St. Nick on Fouth in a Ferver (live @ SxSW) [00.06.36] The Only Sons - Standing Water (live @ SxSW) [00.10.32] Micah Schnabel - Jackson, Don't You Worry (live @ SxSW) [00.12.37] Autopsy IV Commentary  [00.16.23] Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Port Authority Band   [00.17.44] Whitey Morgan 8 The 78's - Another Round  [00.21.16] Glossary - Lonely is a Town  [00.24.35] Autopsy IV Commentary  [00.29.22] The Black Keys - Tighten Up  [00.31.04] The Pack A.D. - Crazy  [00.34.30] Legendary Shackshakers - Sugar Baby  [00.38.14] Ponderosa - Old Gin Road  [00.40.09] Autopsy IV Commentary  [00.43.52] Two Cow Garage - (song titled redacted) [00.46.06] Seasick Steve - Never Go West  [00.49.30] Otis Gibbs - The Ballad of Johnny Crooked Tree  [00.52.59] Autopsy IV Commentary  [00.56.20] .357 String Band - Oh, Adilene  [00.58.12]