The Comeback Episode!

theCDspace show

Summary: Yes, people, your beloved CD has returned to his space. This is the long awaited Comeback Episode! Firstly, I must apologize for the quality, I recorded this on a new computer, new setup, and have't quite got the kinks worked out of the new machine yet. Secondly, normally I shoot for a 15-20 minute episode. This is my foretold return, with a 40+ minute episode! In this episode, Rob Costlow, 'The Haunting In Connecticut', Army Of Two for PS3, and 'Personal Effects: Dark Art' by JC Hutchins. Links to all this and more below. Enjoy! Rob Costlow on The Haunting In Connecticut Army Of Two Personal Effects: Dark Art Personal Effects: Sword of Blood pixelvixen707 Promos: Brian Rathbone Call this number! (212) 629-1951