Hot Crazy Good: Interview with ILL FUNK ENSEMBLE, Ep 167

Great Unknowns Presents show

Summary: Originally formed in 2006, the Ill Funk Ensemble's sound is a new type of Funk infused with Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues, a sound that isn't overly dated, but rather a hint of new swagger combined with old school. Lead by Jermaine Wells vocals, he delivers a smooth vibe of freestyle and melody along side with BJ FitzGerald on guitar and vocals, Duane Etienne on bass and background vocals, then there's Joe Stoner on keyboards and background vocals, and finally Dennis Brooks on percussion. Together, they bring a groove that is both engaging and refreshing.  On The Great Unknowns Presents with Mikey Jayy, Jermaine Wells and Bj FitzGerald pay a visit to KGUP 106.5FM in Los Angeles, CA for an exclusive interview and they talk about their brand new album called, "The Duality", which was just released in October.   Find more of Ill Funk Ensemble: Official Website Follow on Twitter "Like" on Facebook Purchase music by Ill Funk Ensemble on iTunes