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Summary: My oldest duaughter had Twins Thursday!Everyone is healthy and well!As the babies are pre mature I will be at the hospital alot the next few days!Voice is Back!Pleaseenjoy an Encore!I'M BACK!THANKS FOR STANDING BY ME!I LOVE U!Do you know what happens to a Speaker who can't speak"?Well I know..He/She "Is all dressed up with no where to go"! RAGE!I am so sorry ...I miss you all so much but this gal Laryngitis ...this gal laryngitis is a bad mutha...Motivator Shut Your mouth"!...Hey I'm just talking about Laryngitis!Voice is almost back..I've been told to allow vocal cord to heal or else"The Horror"!I know I know!Appreciate the support!"Don't leave me"!!LOL!Hello World!I am Moreno L. Jackson. I am also known as "THE MOTIVATOR"! I am a Nationally known Motivational Speaker, Published Author, MC, Writer and of course,a Popular BlogTalkradio Host!We are excited to have exceeded over 100 High Energy Shows, To be still relevant after One Year of Broadcasting, and Thanks to You!...To be in the Top 15 For our categoey LIFE!"Must be the Shoes"!We Hope that we are helping with the Journey that we call Life!Tune in each week as I will read one of my Popular MySpace Blogs,which has readership in the Thousands,talk about current events with Talk of The Day,leave you with some People Of Purpose Tips, and a Power Word Of The Day!You will tell someone :GOOD FOR YOU!WARNING! You may even Dance!Thanks for tuning in! Appreciated!!