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Summary: "My schedule is like the weather...always a changing...not a bad problem to have right"?Please enjoy an Encore!Looking forward to bringing in the last quarter with ENERGY and RESOLVE!New Music by "JAYMAC"!Hello World!I am Moreno L jackson. I am also know as "THE MOTIVATOR!"I am a nationally known Writer, Published Author,Motivational Speaker,Director,Blogger, MC and of course, a BLOGTALKRADIO HOST!We are excited and grateful to have exceeded two Mile Stones,over two years of broadcasting and over 200 Live High Energy.We are also grateful to be consistenly in the top 15 for our category LIFE,and to be in BTR overall Top 200 Shows, two years running!"Must be the shoes!"We Hope and trust that we are helping with this Journey that we call LIFE!Tune in each week as I will read one of my popular weekly MySpace Blogs, which has readership in the thousands,talk about current events with Talk of The Day. Leave you with some people Of purpose tips and a power word of The day!You will tell someone:Good For You! Warning! You may even dance! "I can make u dance dance!"Thanks for tuning in and the support! Appreciated!!