281 Leo Laporte Coming To NMX – Five Twitter Tips For Getting More Retweets – And So Much More!

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Summary: Leo Laporte Is Coming To NMX I could not be more thrilled than I am to announce that I was able to get Leo Laporte to come to NMX (New Media Expo). Have a listen to the episode and you'll certainly hear my excitement and learn what he'll be doing at the event. If you don't know Leo Laporte, I highly encourage you to check ou the interview that I did with him back in episode 236 of Podcast Answer Man. Here's the video version of that interview:   No Show Next Week In this episode, I share why there will be no new episode of Podcast Answer Man next week. I share my full thoughts on why I have paid just over $1,000 to attend a conference to help me take my public speaking to a whole new level. I share the many ways that I see this as an investment. It is my hope that the thoughts shared will help you to be more open to the idea of investing in your own personal and professional growth rather than spending too much time focused on how much something costs.   What Books Have Influenced My Business Pursuits? I have had several people ask me about the top books that have influenced the decisions that I made in my business. In the episode, I give a short description of how each of the following books have influenced me. Below is the list of the books I mentioned in the episode. Clicking on any of them will take you to their page on Amazing using my Amazon affiliate link. - 48 Days To The Work You Love - Dan Miller - How To Win Friends And Influence People - Dale Carnegie - Think And Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill - Secrets of The Millionaire Mind - T. Harv Eker - ReWork - Jason Fried - EntreLeadership - Dave Ramsey - Crush It - Gary Vanerchuk - Tribes - Seth Godin   Social Media Segment I'm a little concerned about releasing this week's Social Media Segment without a massive edit. The segment started great with Erik Fisher sharing Five Twitter Tips for Getting More Retweets. However, after that, for some reason, I felt the need to share one of my greatest Twitter pet peeves that I've seen happening more and more lately, especially now that I've trimmed down the number of people I follow to less than 100 people. I have made the decision to not edit this segment as it really does contain my true feelings on the matter. However, I simply hope that I will not hurt the feelings of anyone who actually makes it a habit to post in the way that I describe. Part of me thinks, "Who am I to judge how and what other people put in their Twitter stream?" However, the other part of me says that we all make these sort of judgements and often times will unfollow people for a number of other reasons. Perhaps my sharing this will help keep many from making a decision to schedule tweets in this format in the future, thus keeping them from loosing valuable connections with those who would follow otherwise.   TV Show Fan Podcast Formats JR called to ask for my thoughts on a format that he was considering for a tv show fan podcast that he was considering. I briefly shared a few of the formats that I've used over the years.   Podcasting A to Z – Register Today! Ready To Start Your Podcast or Take Your Existing Show To The Next Level? I’m happy to announce that I’ve scheduled my next Podcasting A to Z Online Training Course. The course will start on Monday, November 26th and will run through Friday, December 21st. Please check out http://PodcastingAtoZ.com for all the details about what is offered in this course. If you sign up using the discount code “PAM” in the shopping cart, you’ll save $100 off the cost of the course and you’ll be provided with immediate access to all the tutorials.   New Media Expo Many of you know that I have been working hard to put together an amazing podcasting track for the NMX (New Media Expo) event that is coming to Las Vegas on January 6th, 7th and 8th. I'm most excited about the fact that I've been able to get my own podcasting hero,