DMT 106 – Xbox Music, Streaming in Japan, anti-piracy in UK/JP/FR & More!

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Summary: This week on Digital Music Trends Andrea Leonelli (@digimusictrends), Virginie Berger (@virberg), Karim Fanous (@Karim_Fanous) and Taishi Fukuyama (@tshfkym) discuss Microsoft's move into streaming with Xbox music, Spotify's potential launch in Japan as well as the evolution of the market over there, anti-piracy measures and costs in France, Japan and the UK, the problem of accurate reporting from radio & TV and finally are less people trying to make a living as musicians? Here's a link to the week's Shownotes with links to all the stories that we used as reference as well as the stories that we didn't manageto talk about and some random link thrown in at the end: I'm going to be on a break for a couple of weeks but there will be at least one special DMT show appearing in the meantime where I'll be chatting to two very interesting start-ups ( and Datownia). I hope you enjoy the show, have a great week and 'till next time! Best, Andrea Leonelli