Doctor Who: 03.03 The Legacy of Gallifrey

Doctor Who: Time Tales show

Summary: The New Lords of Time have invaded of Earth in search of the Legacy of Gallifrey. Jason Tate hold the means to stopping them. But to do so will mean his death. Doctor Who: 03.03 The Legacy of Gallifrey Download (18:04, 25 MB mp3, released 2008.02.15) Written by Eric Busby Featured in the cast were: M Sieiro Garcia as Emma Collins Elie Hirschman as Dominic Morin Mark Brusie as Noah Covington Amanda Fitzwater as Lauren Drake Laura Post as Mina Bruce Busby as Ravnos Lucan Dodge as Darkless Steve Riekbery as the Torchwood Solider Ben Harmer and Eric Busby were the Air traffic controllers April and Devon Sadowski played the Vampires And introducing David Ault as the Doctor This episode was written and directed by Eric Busby Production and sound design by Eric Busby This has been a Darker Projects Production.