Flu season, role of the appendix, chemical sensitivities and other timely health stories

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Dr. Dawn encourages people to get the new flu vaccine; The appendix is important to lower the recurrence rate of Clostridium difficile infection; Metabolic processing of BPA produces a chemical that is a strong estrogen mimic; Consumer Reports releases a study about arsenic in rice; A healthy women who thinks she has low white blood cell count is probably okay; Listener thinks she has hives, but it is probably rosacea — try an elimination diet; Caller questions colonoscopy centers who do not honor living wills; Are trans fats an important factor in autism? The controversial issue of multiple chemical sensitivities; Why procedures like colonoscopy cost so much more in a hospital; Differences between coconut, almond and soy milk as alternatives to dairy; Betaine hydrochloride is a good idea in elders as stomach acid decreases with age; Mom with bone cancer has problems tolerating pain medicines; The effects of UV radiation on the structure and rigidity of skin; Meningitis outbreak from contaminated a steroid product