DMT 87 – Making Music on the Move with Ashley Eldson

Digital Music Trends Audio show

Summary: This week on the show an interview with Ashley Eldson, creator of the Palmsound blog which has been going strong for five years and is all about about music making apps and hardware. In this episode I tap into Ashley’s incredible knowledge base about making music on the iPhone and iPad in particular. We talk about the latest developments in this field including implementation of “core audio”, the entrance of large music creation companies like Native Instruments, Yamaha and Korg into the market, stand-alone software synths versus sequencers, the Alesis I/O Dock for the iPad & the release of new hardware products for iOS devices in general. We also discuss the status of Android in this field and we finish by talking about what the future may bring for making music on the move - taking into account the inevitable hardware advances that will be taking place in the next couple of years. If you’re into creating music on mobile devices you have to check out and also follow Ashley on Twitter on I really hope you enjoyed the show, visit Digital Music Trends for more info or follow me on Twitter (@digimusictrends) Have a great week and ’till next time Andrea Leonelli