Raincoast Books - Podcast Edition 4 - Picking up the Pieces by Sherri Magee and Kathy Scalzo

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Summary: www.raincoast.com Picking up the Pieces; Moving Forward after Surviving Cancer  , by Sherri Magee, PhD, and Kathy Scalzo, MSOD. There are over 11 million cancer survivors in North America, and every year doctors diagnose one million new cases.  Most survivors emerge disoriented and scarred.  The side effects are not only physical: emotional and financial instability, changed relationships and spiritual questions leave many feeling overwhelmed.  Survivors speak of feeling fragmented, of needing to 'pick up the pieces' of their lives once the struggle with cancer is over. Practical, reassuring and informative, Picking Up the Pieces is based on years of research and interviews with hundreds of survivors.  The authors guide survivors through a unique process with daily practices that build a bridge from hospital to home and beyond. This podcast, the 4th from Raincoast Books, features authors Sherri Magee and Kathy Scalzo, talking about what inspired them to write this book. The podcast runs 5:03.   It is attached to this feed, or you can also download it here. If you'd rather get it from iTunes, and have the iTunes software installed, click here to go directly to the Raincoast iTune pages. If you're interested in buying Picking Up the Pieces, you can get it online right now by following these links to   Amazon.ca or  Chapters.Indigo.ca Reader Reviews“Early in my career as an oncologist, I would enthusiastically proclaim ‘your cancer is controlled. You’re back to normal.’ My patients oriented me to the understanding that you never return to the ‘old normal’ after cancer, and that healing is about creating the 'new normal.' Magee and Scalzo provide essential directions for navigating the course between the old and the new normal, and for living well after cancer.” —Simon Sutcliffe, clinical oncologist and President, BC Cancer Agency --Picking Up the Pieces: Moving Forward after Surviving Cancer, Raincoast Books ISBN 1-55192-901-5For more on the book,  please visit raincoast.com/pickingupthepieces .-- This podcast is for personal use only. A broadcast quality version of this file is available for promotional purposes including rebroadcast. Please contact info@raincoast.com