Raincoast Books - Podcast Edition 8 - Walking After Midnight by Katy Hutchinson

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Summary: www.raincoast.com Walking After Midnight : One Woman's Journey Through Murder, Justice and Forgiveness,  by Katy HutchinsonBuy the book online: Walking After Midnight is available at: Amazon.ca or  Chapters.Indigo.ca  or check this list of independent retailers.This podcast is an exclusive conversation with the author recorded October 7th, 2006 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.About the Book:On New Year’s Eve in 1997, Bob McIntosh was murdered while trying to break up a teenagers’ party at a friend’s house. His wife, Katy, was left a widow with four-year-old twins. In the midst of her grief, and with remarkable courage and grace, Katy began an amazing journey of forgiveness. She recognized the need to educate teens about the risks arising from the combination of youth, alcohol and lack of supervision. She began speaking to schools and other groups about social responsibility, restorative justice and the transformative power of forgiveness.Katy waited for five years while the police uncovered and convicted Bob’s killers. Ryan Aldridge was charged with Bob’s murder in 2002. Astoundingly, Katy reached out to Ryan, and they have since forged a powerful and unique relationship. Ryan has now joined Katy in her speaking engagements, and Katy supported his recent successful appeal for early parole.Walking After Midnight is the extraordinary story of a life interrupted by unthinkable tragedy, and of Katy’s commitment to turning the horror into a transformative gift. It offers a means for all of us to embrace fully the concepts of forgiveness and restorative justice..............The podcast runs 23:00 minutes.   It is attached to this feed, or you can also download it here . If you'd rather get it from iTunes, and have the iTunes software installed, click here to go directly to the Raincoast iTune pages .--Walking After Midnight:  One Woman's Journey Through Murder, Justice and Forgiveness.  Raincoast Books. ISBN: 1-55192-941-4For more on the book,  please visit raincoast.com/walkingaftermidnight