Raincoast Books - Podcast Edition 9 - Clancy with the Puck

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Summary: www.raincoast.com Clancy with the Puck, written and illustrated by Chris Mizzoni. Includes an animated short on DVD, narrated by legendary hockey commentator Bob Cole. Visit the Clancy with the Puck web site at www.raincoast.com/clancy for more information, including links to order the book online. About the Author:Chris Mizzoni is an animator with Studio B productions, which is one of Canada's most successful independent animation houses. Born in Toronto, he has remained a devoted Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  His amazing collection of hockey memorabilia includes everyting from hockey programs, trading cards and autographed hockey sticks to an actual seat from Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens. He lives in North Vancouver with his wife and daughter.  This is Chris's first title with Raincoast Books.  ............The podcast runs 14.22 minutes.   If you'd rather get it from iTunes, and have the iTunes software installed, click here to go directly to the Raincoast iTune pages . --Clancy with the Puck. Chris Mizzoni.  Raincoast Books. ISBN: 978-1-55192-804-3For more on the book,  please visit www.raincoast.com/clancy