280 Soundseeing Tours of China – Two Years of Podcasting With Zero Feedback – LinkedIn Skills Endorsements – And More!

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Summary: 8th Annual Podcast Awards Nominations Open Till October 15th The nomination process for the 8th Annual Podcast Awards is now open. If you consider nominating any of the shows that I produce, please see http://gspn.tv/awards for important information regarding which category to nominate each show for. Personal Plug of the Week This week's personal plug of the week is the Catholic Insider podcast from Fr. Roderick Vonhogen. This podcast was one of the very first podcasts I ever listened to and is still one of my favorite shows to this day. Fr. Roderick just returned from a 15 day trip to China and is now releasing daily episodes which feature his signature soundseeing tours. If you check out the podcast and enjoy it, please let Fr. Roderick know that you heard about him from Podcast Answer Man.   Three Quick Questions In this episode, I answered several questions that had come in from the listener feedback hotline. Three of those questions were quick questions that I will list below. To find my answers to each of these questions, please listen to this episode. Question 1: If you already have an existing blog, website and/or brand, should your podcast carry the same name? Question 2: Cliff, do you use the "Smartcast" functionality of Feedburner? Question 3: I'm using feedburner to optimize my Blogger Feed for podcasting. How can I correct my iTunes listing to display me as the author. It currently says "noreply@blogger.com."   Two Years of Podcasting With Zero Feedback In this episode, we had a call from someone who had spent over two years creating an audio podcast, had produced over 100 podcast episodes and who never received a single piece of feedback from their audience. How could this possibly be? I do just a bit of investigation and I uncover several issues that could explain this person's results.   LinkedIn Skills Endorsements In this week's social media segment, Erik Fisher and I discuss the new ability to endorse the skills of others within your LinkedIn profile. We also shared our thoughts on how this might affect our social proof and the decision that we made to make sure that our greatest skills are highlighted.   Taking It To The Next Level I open this episode by sharing that I have been taking my own health and fitness to the next level. I encourage you to check out my Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast. In fact, if you would like to follow me from the beginning on my most recent journey, I encourage you to start with episode 518. If you do, you'll learn how I've been motivated, in a very big way, by the use of my fitbit device. In fact, I'm not walking a minimum of 14,300 steps each day which is a total of 6.2 miles. Since August 24th, I've lost 12.5 pounds. Please know that this podcast is about much more than just my health and fitness. If you think I share a lot of personal, behind the scenes, information about my business decisions in Podcast Answer Man, you haven't heard anything yet! Check it out at http://PursuingABalancedLife.com.   Podcasting A to Z – Register Today! Ready To Start Your Podcast or Take Your Existing Show To The Next Level? I’m happy to announce that I’ve scheduled my next Podcasting A to Z Online Training Course. The course will start on Monday, November 26th and will run through Friday, December 21st. Please check out http://PodcastingAtoZ.com for all the details about what is offered in this course. If you sign up using the discount code “PAM” in the shopping cart, you’ll save $100 off the cost of the course and you’ll be provided with immediate access to all the tutorials.   Shop With B&H Photo & Support Podcast Answer Man I am thrilled about the relationship that I have formed with the folks at B&H Photo, Video, & Pro Audio. They have amazing prices on podcast equipment and so much more. Best of all, their customer service is almost as good as my own.