Sustainable Connections Executive Director – Michelle Long - Holistic Conversations for a Sustainable World show

Summary: About Sustainable Connections: Our Mission: Sustainable Connections is a business network establishing and supporting a local living economy that sustains itself, our community and a healthy environment. Our Vision: We envision sustainable business practices that lead to a healthy environment, meaningful employment, strong communities and buying local first as commonplace in our region and a model for the rest of the world. All of our members are local and independently owned businesses, organizations and supportive individuals. Locally owned businesses give back to the community, offer more living wage jobs, ensure the unique character of a region, and have greater control over minimizing the environmental impact of their businesses. Our members commit to improving specific business practices benefiting our community, economy, environment and workplaces. For more information about Sustainable Connections projects, please visit [tags] think-local, buy-local, organic, sustainable, design, green-building, ecology [/tags]