Mr SEO first Video Cast - How to create and submit an XML sitemap using free tools

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Summary: After 1 year of offer an excellent SEO podcast we are now taking it one step further. This is the first SEO video cast. Please email me comments and suggestions. We will do our best to bring you the best video cast on search engine optimization. The size of the podcast will seem small on podomatic. It should be fine on itunes. You can also download video casts on our site Show notes: Information on XML sitemaps Please note that the Sitemap Protocol supplements, but does not replace, the crawl-based mechanisms that search engines already use to discover URLs. By submitting a Sitemap (or Sitemaps) to a search engine, you will help that engine's crawlers to do a better job of crawling your site. Using this protocol does not guarantee that your web pages will be included in search indexes. (Note that using this protocol will not influence the way your pages are ranked by Google.) Can I use an XML sitemap as a substitution for a robot.txt file? No, you must still use a robots.txt file to restricted the engines from pages and folders you do not want them to index. Will submitting an XML sitemap increase my pagerank? No, it will not. An XML sitemap has nothing to do with pagerank. Will submitting a sitemap get me out of the sandbox or supplemental index? No, it will not. Submitting a sitemap will not help you with either of these problems I've submitted a sitemap and may site is still not being fully crawled. Why? There could be other factors involved. Check your sites navigation. Make sure all your links are accessible and spiderable. To generate a sitemap go to To upload your file to your server you can use an FTP program such as FileZilla It's free Submit a sitemap to Yahoo Submit a sitemap to Google