Episode #5: Let's Eat, Motherfucker!

Secaucast show

Summary: Guest Co-Host: JDawg from Queens Live from the Days Inn: Shrewsbury, MA In this episode: jetBlues, humping the Jertz, these are the Days, Depot thoughts, Ted Williams' anus, human stains, Sushi v. Sex, porn night, the quief fairy, scent of an asshole, LIRRrrrrrr, and Lance Bass finally becomes an honest fag. Call our listener line, (206) 20-COCKY (that's 206-202-6259), to cast your vote in the Cockback Contest! Links: Days Inn Hofstra University Long Island Rail Road My Odeo Channel (odeo/c1e15c6f00c8eaf9) Music: "Food" by Deirdre Flint Intro Music: "Hershey Highway" by Neil Smith Outro Music: "Anything Goes" by Art Linton All music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network Podcast Mentioned: Life on Tap Direct Download: Secaucast_2006-08-01.mp3