Episode #6: Boner Maneuver

Secaucast show

Summary: Featuring: RoadHeads, starring Dan on Tap (recorded en route to Hartford, CT) In this episode: British dining etiquette, yearbook foiblows, Dan taps Scarlett, Buttles lands on Martha, sandwich technique, cheeky alternatives, grope therapy, staged racial harmony, a cockapella, and the last stop in bodily functions. Call our listener line, (206) 20-COCKY (that's 206-202-6259), to cast your vote in the Cockback Contest! Links: Prince Jefri New England Dodge Music Center Dave Matthews Band Setlists (Select Jul 29 2006 New England Dodge Music Center) The Big Lebowski - Fucking Short Version Cock Sauce Music: "Death of Democracy" by 37Hz Intro Music: "Show Me Your Tits" by The Killer Kona Buds Outro Music: "BRANGELINA!" by Ric Seaberg All music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network Podcasts Mentioned: Life on Tap Happy House of Hentai Direct Download: Secaucast_2006-08-08.mp3