Episode #16: Size Matters

Secaucast show

Summary: Guest Co-Host: The Return of Laawaaris from Houston In this episode: Thriller goes Bollywood, Halloween pimpin', rickshaw rage, porn blues, family friends that fuck, tasting thyself, hybrid efficiency, rank cheerleading, racist bumperstickers, road head rides again, and an anatomical exploration of the hair downstairs. Links: Indian Thriller YAO Restaurant phun.org Censorship in India Music: "Damage" by Tara Leigh Cobble Intro Music: "Hoe Bots" by Stinkarelli Outro Music: "I eat pussy baby, every day" by Snowball Johnny All music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network Podcast Mentioned: Life on Tap Direct Download: Secaucast_2006-11-02.mp3