Episode #17: Hung Like Saddam

Secaucast show

Summary: Guest Co-Host: The Return of JDawg from Queens Special Guests: Stephanie and The Rock In this episode: starting young with crystal Steph, Dookie Howser, KFedUp, jungle gym, Saget worship, rape nuts, tubhumping, Lost encounters, Brangelina's holes, and a chat with an overgrown Ethel Merman ogre. Links: "Danny Tanner is Not Gay" - Bob Saget Rollin' with Saget Ethel Merman - IMDB entry Music: "Beautiful Drive" by Tara Leigh Cobble Intro Music: "Amtrek" by Big George Jackson Blues Band Outro Music: "Little Girl" by The Ukulele Hipster Kings All music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network Direct Download: Secaucast_2006-11-16.mp3