Ekal Fundraiser - Awaaz Anjane 059-2008-05-22

Awaaz Anjane Podcast show

Summary: Musical fundraisers are a perfect treat for concert lovers. You have a good time listening to the soul-stirring strains while experiencing the joy of giving. Such opportunity now comes in the form of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation's series of fundraising concerts. Beginning in Cleveland on May 30, the concert then moves across the nation. Sreedhar Nair of Ekal's Cleveland chapter explains the concept behind Ekal and how a dollar-a-day brings functional literacy to tribal areas in India. Music for the fundraisers is provided by the Pandya family of Lexington, Kentucky. Raj Pandya of this gifted family, comprising of wife Smruthi, son Amit and daughter Eshna tells us about the family's association with Ekal and talks about their music. Happy Listening!