Sonu Niigaam Special - Awaaz Anjane 060-2008-09-18

Awaaz Anjane Podcast show

Summary: Its Season 3 now! We are so glad to be back after the summer months, doing what we like most - bringing to you our favorite musical talents. During our summer hiatus, in a unique webcast, celebrated Sonu Niigaam's birthday. Singers from around the world sang their favorite Sonu Niigaam songs along with a wonderful accompanying article by Kavita Chhibber. We are proud to have her as a special guest in one of our earlier podcasts. In the birthday webcast, some of our popular Awaaz Anjane stars (Akshay, Azam, Deblina, Des, Elmar, Santosh, Soumitra and Vidyu) took part and received comments from the icon singer himself! In this season-opener episode, we share with you highlights of their songs and read out Sonu Niigaam's responses. Enjoy this episode. And if you are around the Columbus, Ohio area, do visit us at the India Festival this Saturday, Sep 20, 2008. Happy Listening!