Episode 16 — Gina Frangello

Other People with Brad Listi show

Summary: Gina Frangello is the guest. She is the critically acclaimed author of the novel MY SISTER'S CONTINENT (Chiasmus Press), the story collection SLUT LULLABIES (Emergency Press), and the forthcoming novel A LIFE IN MEN (Algonquin). She is also the esteemed fiction editor over at The Nervous Breakdown. Topics of conversation include: Chicago, Other Voices Books, growing up Italian-American, how her parents met, jazz, alcohol, poverty, Madison, drug abuse, California, the dirt-poor writer who lived in her parents' garage, high school, dance clubs, neighborhood violence, parenthood, jogging yuppies, Avignon, keg parties, editing, London, whirlwind romance, psychology, Italy, New Hampshire, Arles, prison, battered women, the MFA, and the institution of marriage.