Share This Moment (2004-07-08)

deeje studio show

Summary: I found a chord one day, a funky A where I bar the 5th fret, and only put down my middle finger on the seventh fret. I'm so unschooled I can't even tell you the name of that chord... but I'd strum it with my thumb and clamp and release my fret fingers to create IMHO an interesting rhythm. I started to build a song around this chord as well as an irregular chord progression that leads up to it. In this first version of the song from last year, you can hear that I didn't have any verses, but had a good idea of how the melody should go. The chorus was fairly clear in my mind. I played the same chord progression with a strongly distorted guitar, which produced an even stranger texture... I like it! (I've included at least two other versions of this song, at about six month intervals, for your comparison.)