- On The Road with Mac & Molly - Episode 14 Wolf Hollow -- A Howling Success

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Summary: The North American Gray Wolf has been protected by the Endangered Species Act since shortly after the law was passed in 1973. But now, in an unprecedented move, Congress has delisted the Gray Wolf in Idaho, Montana and parts of three other states. The action is being challenged in court by environmental groups but, at this moment, wolf hunting seasons have been authorized for the fall and the plan is to reduce the population -- currently estimated at 1,700 -- to 150. In this episode of ON THE ROAD WITH MAC AND MOLLY, Donna speaks with Joni Soffron who, with her husband Paul, founded the North American Wolf Foundation and Wolf Hollow with the mission of preserving the wolf in the wild through education and exposure. We’ll hear from Joni about life at Wolf Hollow where visitors can meet the resident wolves -- at close hand -- and observe how a wolf pack functions. Wolves are social creatures and their pack dynamics are fascinating, in many ways paralleling that of a human family. Wolves are devoted to their young and five new puppies have recently been added to the Wolf Hollow mix. We’ll hear how the pups are settling in, how wolves are faring in the wild, and how we can help support these magnificent creatures.