Ferrispark Records Podcast: #18

Ferrispark Records Podcast show

Summary: Ferrispark Records proudly introduces the release of FPR018 Eddie Amador & Scott Ferguson Present: DJ Tools Vol. The LA/Detroit Team deliver 2 long and DJ friendly tracks for your dance-floor pleasure... Exclusivley available on Beatport. The first of the two tracks by this dynamic duo is appropriately entitled "Work It" due to the repetitive vocal sample, constant plush chord, and non-stop mixture of high hat and bass drum. Super trackee and laid out in mathematical equations it will be a pleasurable experience for any Deejay as well as dance-floor. Track two of the ep "I Believe" heads more in a spiritual direction with its continuous pounding kik drum and heavy bass stab joined by an Eddie Amador-esque preacher and Ferguson style deep chords. With one of the longest breakdowns ever, Deejays will have plenty of time to trick it out or to simply hype their crowd anxiously awaiting the beat to return. A Floor friendly release through and through.