Tales of Old 35 – Angel of the Hopeless

Tales of Old show

Summary: by Danny Adams read by Shawn Robertson Period: American Civil War (and others) What could be worse than a gruesome death by Minie ball in a bloody civil war? Maybe having to do it more than once. “Your name is Private Absalom T. Zirkle,” the nurse told him. “My name is Charlotte. You’re in a field hospital just south of—” “What day is this?” “Saturday.” “No, what day?” “July the Fourth,” she finally told him. “The saddest we have ever seen.” “Pickett,” he whispered. “1863. Little Round Top...Absalom T. Zirkle.” He looked into the nurse’s—Charlotte’s—eyes, and the fog in his mind cleared a little. He tried looking around but couldn’t move his head from the folded towel where it lay.