MW021 – Internet Marketing Coaching With David Perdew

Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason show

Summary: This week, talk about internet marketing coaching.  We cover the 5 kinds of internet marketing learning opportunities out there, look at where coaching and live events fit in, and discuss how internet marketing coaching can help. We end with a great interview with David Perdew of the Niche Affiliate Marketing System. Special thanks to Nicole Dean from  for kicking off  the show. Internet Marketing Coaching I go through the five ways to learn about internet marketing: Free information on the web Courses that you pay for e-Coaching in its various forms Live events like NAMS and One-on-One coaching I also talk about the ways a coach can help: Show you the path and avoid mistakes.  Unstick you. Generate encouragement and accountability Show that success is possible Internet Marketing Coaching And NAMS I also interview David Perdew, creator of the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop.  It's a great interview, where David explains what sorts of live events are good for marketers, and what is so special about NAMS. That's it.  Hope you enjoyed it. Leave Us A Review In iTunes  Thanks so much for your reviews on iTunes.  We get a ton of exposure from iTunes, and we really appreciate the reviews there.  At last count, we were at 30 reviews and counting.  Reviews help us get new listeners -- so I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. To leave a review, just go to and follow the instructions.  Thanks! Send us your feedback As always, I'd love to hear what you think about the podcast.  Better yet, I’d love to answer your question about Internet marketing on the show.  Just drop me a line here on the blog or on the digital recorder at 214-444-8655.   Don’t worry, there are no stupid questions.    Unless you tell me not to, when you ask a question or leave a comment might even use it on the show. When the transcript is available, it will be here with all the other MasonWorld Late Night Internet Marketing Transcripts. If you are lovin' the podcast, please be sure to leave us some feedback and subscribe in iTunes! Podcast Alley is another option: My Podcast Alley feed! Here is the Raw RSS Feed. Episode 021 Transcript Hey everybody, it’s episode 21. Today we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite topics, internet marketing coaching. I get asked this question a lot, “Hey Mark, do you recommend coaching? This coaching? That coaching? Do you do coaching? Can you help me with my website?” These are common questions that a lot of people have. A lot of people take courses, but what the really need is one-on-one coaching. I just raced back from Houston to record this podcast because I wanted to get it out on time, being on a weekly show now. I was down in Houston visiting my grandmother, she’s in a really cool assisted living facility and I went down to install a massive flat screen television in her room, which is really cool because that’s going to allow her to watch American Idol on her own television which is what she wanted. So that’s really neat. I got to spend some time with my folks who also live in Houston, and my kid brother came down and it was all very cool so I enjoyed that. I took a few days off from the internet marketing business here and did that and it was really great. But, today I want to talk about coaching. The way I see it there’s sort of five levels of coaching or learning that you can do with regard to internet marketing. Transcript continued from the Episode 021 Show notes