GMO corn toxicity, Dengue virus, anti-inflammatory diet, HPV genetics and many other topics

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: French study finds GMO corn has long term bad effects in rats; Dengue vaccine trial results is disappointing; More young adults have health insurance — Health exchange coverage in California are detailed; Strange distortions in the visual field that lasts a few minutes is probably an ocular migraine; Nutrition and supplements to help polycystic ovary syndrome; We haven't identified major long term side effects when using Minoxidil for hair loss; Nutritional advice to reduce inflammation in conditions such as osteoarthritis and increase longevity; An otherwise very healthy woman struggles with eczema, rosacea and other allergies; Can I avoid a root canal and save my tooth with just a new crown? The difficult issues of determining quality of a doctor or dentist and determining the cause of death; Dr Dawn comments further on the importance of accurately reporting the cause of death; Genetic test reveals a more vulnerable group for Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer; Australian study supports the benefit of dark chocolate to reduce heart attacks; Genetically-modified geranium does not cause pollen allergies; Mice feed diet with high amounts of alpha linoleic acid show epigenetic effects that their offspring inherit