Episode 262 – faith

Fear the Boot, RPG Podcast show

Summary: * (0:29) First round results from the Power 16 III.  You can vote on the second round here (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TY2Y7BP).  Second round voting ends at 6:00pm Central time on Tuesday, April 3rd. * (6:32) A (hopefully unnecessary) disclaimer. * (7:06) Dan's impeccable moral clarity regarding urban fantasy.  I'll let you guess who writes these show notes! * (20:51) Faith in a roleplaying game.  The importance of creating expectations about what it can do, how it works, and how it will be measured.  The advantages of using mechanics or pure RP.  The role of the GM in interpreting a character's faith.  Separating faith from sacrament.  Dealing with religious views that exclude competing truth-claims, particularly when held by a player at the table. * (1:04:17) Faith in games that don't overtly deal with the supernatural. Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne