PIG 1 - Ben 10 and Furries

PIG - Professional Internet Guys show

Summary: PIG is off to a roaring start with hosts Chris and Chase and guest Kevin discussing old cartoons, superpowers, the news, and things in which everyone dies. Add a couple anecdotes and you've got a great first podcast. Visit the PIG blog at http://pigpodcast.blogspot.com/ to check out links from the show as well as some extra material! Download PIG 1 - Ben 10 and Furries --Videos mentioned in the podcast-- Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live (5:25) Cartoon Network Groovies - "Yogi Bear" (20:35) Courage the Cowardly Dog Intro in G Major (37:45) Powerpuff Girls Intro in G Major (38:47) © 2010 PIG - Professional Internet Guys - http://pigpodcast.blogspot.com/