Episode 27: Giving Up - Bushfinger Music Project

The Bushfinger Music Project GarageBand Show show

Summary: OMG! It's the British Invasion all over again! No, actually, it's just New Music Tuesday, Episode Twenty Twenty-Seven* This week's song, "Giving Up", is inspired by the 60's and 70's brit-pop sounds from groups such as The Hollies, The Yardbirds, and The Zombies (who, incidentally, get my vote for coolest band name of that era). Slightly cheeky, lightly produced, definitely boppy, and of course, deceptively depressing! All in an upbeat, reverb-laden facade. Bob's your uncle! (Special thanks to our pals at irieman.com for hosting this, and other content- for free even!) The Bushfinger Music Project Garageband Show Giving Up - Bushfinger Music Project Download/Play Subscribe || Subscribe through iTunes Read The Blog myspace.com/bushfingermusicproject (Thanks for the ADD!) *New Music Tuesday. Not always new, not always Tuesday! (c) 2008 Bushfinger Music Project and BMP Media International