Episode 29: Come My Way (Bushfinger Remix) - Cami

The Bushfinger Music Project GarageBand Show show

Summary: It's New Music Tuesday, Episode 29, featuring my friend Cami and good karma! While "Good Karma" is an excellent name for a band, we're talking about the concept that bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people. Eventually anyway. (Photo courtesy Cami W. Photographer unknown) Cami, describes herself as many things, Trance Diva, Rock Star, Cool Chick... All of them true! She has over 40 original, collaborative, and others' songs recorded. Some have been played overseas and a few in the USA. Most of her work is recorded trance, house, electronica meant for the club/rave scene, but she also loves more moody sounds like Depeche Mode, Wolfsheim, Blaqk Audio, VNV Nation, and similar. She has recorded and written in every style from acoustic folk to blues, cabaret, alt/pop, alt/rock, rock, indie, punk, musical theater, standards, and adult contemporary. I had the honor of remixing some of her most widely known tracks in 2005, and then my studio was ransacked and I lost all my master tapes. I recently found some of Cami's remixes, and with her permission, now feature one of my favorites, "Come My Way". Listen to more Bushfinger/Cami remixes, as well as many other great tracks on her music site, www.reverbnation.com/cami or www.myspace.com/hapacami. And if you're the type who spends money easily, buy some of her tracks for pete's sake, since I give mine away for free! Cami is currently seeking to sing for experienced producers/DJs who specialize in the styles listed above. The Bushfinger Music Project Garageband Show Come My Way (Bushfinger Remix) - Cami Download/Play Subscribe || Subscribe through iTunes Read The Blog myspace.com/bushfingermusicproject (Thanks for the ADD!) *New Music Tuesday. Not always new, not always Tuesday! (c) 2008 Bushfinger Music Project and BMP Media International