Episode 33: Survivalism (Nuclear Winter Mix)

The Bushfinger Music Project GarageBand Show show

Summary: Trent Reznor gets it. In late 2006 he posted the second full multi-track master of one of his songs onto the internet, "Survivalism"- inviting the general masses to remix it at will. I began my interpretation of this track in early 2007 and was somehow distracted. (*coughmastersthesiscough*) I went back and "completed" my remix a few days ago, which I have dubbed the "Nuclear Winter" mix. I encourage your thoughts and comments! Survivalism (Nuclear Winter Mix) - NIN 7:53 Download/Play Subscribe || Subscribe through iTunes Read The Blog: bushfinger.blogspot.com myspace.com/bushfingermusicproject (Thanks for the ADD!) *New Music Tuesday. Not always new, not always Tuesday! (c) 2008 Bushfinger Music Project and BMP Media International